Legal Jargon Rap


Yo, listen up, let me school you on some legal terms
From IP to ISO, there’s so much to learn
So sit back, relax, and take a deep breath
‘Cause we’re diving into the world of legal depth

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IP what does ip stand for in business
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Cuanto es el Interes Legal cuanto es el interes legal
Delhi Agreement delhi agreement
Holiday Rental Management Agreement holiday rental management agreement
Cohabitation Agreement Minnesota cohabitation agreement minnesota
Does Wells Fargo Have Power of Attorney Forms does wells fargo have power of attorney forms
Agreement Notarized agreement notarized
Blackstone Legal Costing Melbourne blackstone legal costing melbourne

From IP to UM Law Library, we’re covering the bases
ISO 9001 Equipment Calibration, you gotta know these cases
What’s the Interest Legal, and the Delhi Agreement
Holiday Rental Management, it’s all in the legal engagement

Cohabitation in Minnesota, and Wells Fargo too
With Power of Attorney Forms, they got info for you
Get that Agreement Notarized, and don’t forget to see
Blackstone Legal Costing, in the city of Melbourne